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Beer Pal users are advised that the prices displayed are for a single carton and/or 4/6 pack purchase for the ease of quick price comparison. However, these may include multi buy specials such as “2 for” or “Any 2 for” buys. Multi buy specials will have an icon showing, MULTI-BUY SPECIAL under the advertised price to indicate that more than 1 item must be purchased to receive the displayed price, as well as an asterisk following the price. When the special is tapped and viewed separately there will be additional text advising the conditions of that beer special including any other brands that may be included.

Where possible Beer Pal displays any price variances the same as the stores adverts such as “Country add $1.00”, however if this is not included the stores own conditions such as “price may vary in regional areas” will prevail. Always check the stores own conditions and pricing policies if you are unsure.

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